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An Overland Park Landmark since 1923

We were chartered on March 1, 1923 in Overland Park, Kansas. Our first quarters were on the second floor of the Conser Bulding at 80th and Santa Fe Drive. We moved to our present location on April 1, 1930. The lodge is a former Presbyterian Church which we purchased at the beginning of the Great Depression. We burned the mortgage on November 7, 1942. In 1969, we began renovations on our lodge and two years later we had a new Fellowship Hall and Kitchen.

Our philosophy: 
We take good men and make them better through faith, hope, charity, fraternity and brotherly love.

Our lodge is comprised of members aged 21 to 95 averaging around 55 as of last year. But, most of our newer members are under 45 and they make up the bulk of our current leadership. Our members represent all different sorts of careers, religions, nationalities, incomes, and family compositions. We range from college students to retirees and include construction workers, lawyers, truckers, pilots, engineers, recruiters, computer experts, salesmen, clerks, accountants, janitors, and teachers – just to name a few. Some members come to lodge in jeans and work boots while others will attend the same meetings in business suits. It is not the outer trappings, the career, or religion that we care for when we think of a brother mason. It is the man underneath. We are not a religion, church, or board room. As long as the man desires to better himself as a man and wishes to help brother masons, their causes and allow himself to be helped in return then he may be accepted into the fraternity, never to fall by the wayside.

In 2017, Overland Park Lodge #436 consolidated with Olathe Lodge #19 when it, sadly, closed. We welcomed all the brothers from that lodge into our home in Overland Park.


We honor the 150+ years of heritage of that lodge and have expanded our community outreach and activities to southern Johnson County, KS. 

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