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Becoming a Mason is an individual choice and many men do consider that question at some point in their life.

Most people remember an uncle, grandfather, or even their own father grabbing their apron and ring and heading out to the local meetings. Didn't you always wonder what went on in those meetings?

If you become a Freemason, you will:

  • Join the oldest and largest fraternity in the world.

  • Join a brotherhood of over 2,000,000 men from all races, religions and countries from all walks of life.

An intriguing thing many inquiring men have found is that these men seemed to be at ease with each other and even called each other "brother". Many wonder what made that bond possible between men of different ages, occupations, backgrounds, & education.

Some of the many reasons come from the primary "Mission" of Freemasonry - to help build a better world through a unique and worthy process of building better men to live in it. One motto of Freemasonry is:

"Better men make a better world."

You will learn to practice brotherly love for all, charitable relief for those in need, morality and good citizenship in every community.

You will have the opportunity to further your education. Freemasonry supports public education and teaches its own members morality and brotherhood by means of ceremonies and symbols.

You will build character. All Masonic activities stress the values of personal integrity and personal responsibility. Each of the 3 degrees within a lodge culminates in a man becoming a Master Mason. Each member is encouraged to make efforts to improve his community in the interest of human welfare, inspire the members with feelings of charity and good will for all mankind as well as move them to translate these learned principles and convictions into individual action.

The men who are Masons promise to help other members if asked and it is within their power to do so. Masons take care of their Masonic Family. This includes a member's family, their widows and/or orphans.

Members of this fraternity will include outstanding individuals from all walks of life. You will automatically have something in common with a Brother Mason upon meeting. You will have the opportunity to get to know these men under favorable circumstances.

This Fraternity offers the individual man the opportunity to experience being in charge of a committee or maybe help plan, develop and implement projects in the lodge and community.

Moral virtues are important to Freemasonry. Many of the older members are good role models by example in the community.

Just spending time with such good men will make you want to become one, in most cases.

To become a Mason a candidate must satisfactorily meet all the specific criteria. Find out how to join us at Overland Park Lodge.

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