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This initiation is special not only because every time we initiate a new brother into the fraternity, but also because of the circumstances and a special guest involved. 

On January 10, 2017, we received a new brother, Andrew Kuchmeister, into the fraternity. The timing of this night was crucial, because his father wanted to attend and participate in the initiation of his son. Being a brother Mason himself, this would not normally be such an issue. However, this brother, Craig Campbell, was traveling from his home in Inverarary, Scotland - where he is a Past Master of Inveraray St. John Lodge #50. 


Due to special circumstances, his home lodge of Olathe Lodge #19 was unable to perform the work. So, Gardner Lodge #65 was asked to do courtesy work for this initiation. Br. Andrew had said he intended to transfer to Overland Park Lodge, so our lodge had many representatives there to show our support as well.

Craig Campbell & Andrew Kuchmeister
Craig Campbell Inverary Scotland
Inveraray St. John 50 - 1997
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