Pay your annual dues or purchase a Paid Perpetual Life Membership (PPLM) for Overland Park Lodge #436

Through the interface below, you may pay your annual dues or purchase a PPLM via PayPal or Credit Card. A processing fee will be added at checkout to cover mailing costs. 

To pay past dues for 2020 or earlier, please contact the Lodge Secretary directly.

Annual Dues for 2021

Annual dues for Overland Park Lodge #436 are currently $90.00.

Payment is due by December 31st of the preceding year. Meaning, to stay current for 2021, dues must be paid on, or before, December 31, 2020. 

With the Grand Lodge Per Capita Fee increase starting in the 2020 dues year, our Dues have increased from previous years.

The price of the Annual Dues will also include a processing fee to cover the costs of mailing your dues card to the indicated address. This will be shown during checkout.


If paid before November 15th of the preceding year you should receive your dues card in time for the first Regular Stated Meeting of the year for which you have paid.


Paid Perpetual Life Membership (PPLM)

The Paid Perpetual Life Membership (PPLM) is a program whereby you may purchase a life membership at Overland Park Lodge #436 and be exempt from paying further dues for the rest of your life. This program also helps your lodge as well. 

A PPLM may be purchased at any time during the year and at any time during your life. The cost of a PPLM is 20x the current annual dues. This is currently $1,800.00 in 2021.

How does purchasing a PPLM help your lodge? It does so in 2 ways - 

  1. The lodge is not charged the per capita tax on any member with a PPLM. This currently saves the lodge $30.00 per year, per member with a PPLM.

  2. The PPLM Fund pays the lodge an annual interest payment FOREVER! That is the Perpetual part. So, even should you pass on to the Grand Architect, your PPLM continues to contribute to the stability of the lodge.

A PPLM is not transferrable. 

The price of the PPLM will also include a processing fee to cover the costs of mailing your PPLM packet to the indicated address. This will be shown during checkout.

Before we can process your PPLM, you will need to download the PPLM Application form. 

  1. print it

  2. fill it out

  3. sign it

  4. turn it into the OP Lodge Secretary   


Make a Donation to OP Lodge

If you would like to make a donation to the lodge, you may do so via the form below. All donations this way are tax deductible. 

The donation amount below is just a suggestion. You may change the amount during checkout. 

We appreciate your support for Overland Park Lodge #436.