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On average in the United States a child is reported missing every 43 seconds, according to the National Crime Information Center.


While there has not been a missing child locally in quite some time, it could happen any day. Should the unthinkable happen, parents who have participated in a local CHIP event will have a few more tools to help police find their child.

Within about 15 minutes we can create an individual identification kit for  parents to take home and keep. This kit makes the child's identifying information quickly ready for use in case of an emergency.

At a CHIP event the child will pass through various stations in order to create an ID kit. Each kit will contain a DNA cheek swab, digital still photo, finger prints, and a video imaged interview. (Cheek cells in saliva provide DNA, which can uniquely identify anyone.)

Amber Alert is in operation throughout Kansas as well as many other states. The color photo in the kit can be circulated by police to media throughout the state within two hours of an abduction. The brief videotaped interview can be invaluable to an investigator: the KS CHIP interview captures the appearance, speech, mannerisms, and important personal characteristics of a child.

NO information will be kept by the Masonic Lodge or the police except a permission slip signed by the parents.


The completed kit will be given to the parents to be put away in safe keeping.

Below is an example of the identification sheet you will recieve along with the DNA sample and a CD with all the info recorded on it.

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